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A black pants must not be missing in any wardrobe

A black pants must not be missing in any wardrobe

The black pants should enrich the wardrobe in several variants. A black jeans must be there, plus a black cloth pants. Currently, leggings are so popular that you have to count them too. Black corduroy trousers are nice for the fall and winter outfit. Velvet pants are great for festive matters. Even with the pants you can grow several variants. The Marlene pants with a relatively solid fabric goes well with the business look. But you can always do one too black pants use of flowing lighter material. Especially nice is the harem pants style. Flowing materials made of either jersey, viscose or silk are processed in generous cuts with many pleats, without being too voluminous. A wide falling, gently legging black pants looks very feminine and replaces a skirt. The black trousers are especially suitable for festive and official occasions. It makes a serious look and cleverly puts eye-catching glittering tops on stage. If you want a quick outfit for official occasions, buy an elegant white blouse. These two parts can be individually repainted with different accessories.

The black pants are versatile

Every pair of black pants can be combined with a variety of outfits. Even the black velvet pants do not always have to look serious, they can also be converted into glam rock style. For this you simply combine a chic leather jacket with fashionable studs and a lot of glamor elements. Worn to the blazer, every pair of black pants looks official and is ideal for the office and business appointments. The party outfit helps black pantsto focus on glittering tops. The versatile Basic fits any color and style.

But the black pants have another important plus: It stretches visually and makes automatically slim. An outfit with black pants is therefore suitable for all sizes. In a slim cut it is the perfect companion to long cut colorful blouses, tunics and tailored short coats.