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A black sweater – chic and versatile to combine

A black sweater – chic and versatile to combine

The black sweaters is a perennial favorite in fashion. He comes in many variants again and again. In the 60s artists and intellectuals wore the turtleneck in black. For a long time he was considered particularly chic and interesting. Even today you can wear a sweater with turtleneck still good for business or other important dates. In autumn and winter he looks very good under an elegant blazer or jacket. Ladies can set elegant accents with eye-catching jewelery. This is how it works black sweater for example, that gold and silver shine particularly well.

On black sweater Today it is especially popular for the younger generations to wear it as a hoodie. On black, cool prints and lettering are even more noticeable. Black has the advantage that it can be combined well with any color. Thus, a black sweater offers many advantages: a cool, serious or elegant appearance as desired; There are a variety of combination options that offers no other color.

A black sweater is available to everyone

A black sweater has the advantage that it really harmonizes with every hair color and skin tone. Especially great looks a black sweater to blond or red hair. Even white hair glow noble in contrast to the black. Brown-haired people emphasize their special color shade and black-haired people are especially cool and strong because of the additional black. Anyone who has concerns that a black sweater makes the complexion look too pale, which is rarely the case, simply combines colored accessories. Colorful scarves and shawls look especially nice on black. In everyday life, you should make sure that you mitigate the black something. A black sweater should not be worn too often with black pants and jackets, this seems a bit too sad. Alternatively, you can combine black with bright colors. A black sweater looks very nice to beige and gray. This combination is especially recommended for business. A black sweater can be chosen in a variety of cuts and shapes. There are for the ladies black sweaters in all widths and lengths. In addition to the classic turtleneck sweater, the men can also choose a fine knit pullover with V-neck. Underneath may be a colored T-shirt or shirt.