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A cardigan in black is more than a basic

A cardigan in black is more than a basic

The cardigan is a basic – but the cardigan in black is an elegant basic. It can be chosen as a long-sleeved cardigan, as a long-knit cardigan or as a short chic jacket for the evening. For him and her that is cardigan in black very versatile and easy to combine. In autumn and winter, the cardigan in black is particularly useful when you travel a lot. It can be well combined with all outfits, is lightweight and warms when it gets chilly. The material knitting has the pleasant property of acting temperature-regulating. So the cardigan in black is suitable as a combination partner for elegant looks as well as casual leisure outfits.

The cardigan in black is available in various designs

The cardigan in black is available in many forms. The classic cardigan with placket and V-neck is just one of many models. So there is the hip jacket, for example, in a chic blazer shape. The button placket is sometimes attached or offset in two rows. Some model has a nice big shawl collar. The sporty variations of the cardigan in black look particularly casual: they are inspired by the shape of the sweatshirt with hood and zipper. For the ladies, there is a very large selection of waistlines send Cardigans in black. Here, instead of a button placket, a decorative loop closure is sometimes chosen. Or the model has only one button and the jacket falls apart in gentle waves decorative. Also very interesting are asymmetrically cut jackets. In these, one leading edge is longer than the other, which makes the cardigan look elegant and chic. With such a model, you put a striking top under refined in the foreground. You can also choose a cardigan in black with a belt. For example, the long-knit cardigan goes almost to the knees and is smartly taken on a figure with a belt. Short bolero jackets are also made of knit fabric. They are suitable for every day, warm and look over colorful tops very feminine and attractive. For every occasion and every taste there is the matching cardigan in black.