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A Carhartt hat in wine red fits many different outfits

A Carhartt hat in wine red fits many different outfits

Carhartt caps

Well equipped for autumn and winter you are wearing a Carhartt cap in wine red. The strong Bordeaux red makes a noble impression and the soft wool protects even from the deepest temperatures. The quality of the woolen caps is fully in line with Carhartts reputation, which has been producing solid workwear for more than 100 years. Although primarily forest workers are the core target group of the US-American company at the beginning, the American youth, too, enjoys the straightforward and solid designs of the label. Focusing on market entry in Europe Carhartt Therefore, all Streetwear for young customers and broke all records in this country: Several times, the company is elected the brand of the year and is not only popular in the skateboard and hip-hop scene. Especially with one Carhartt Beanie in red clarifies the demand for particularly robust clothing. The strong Bordeaux underscores the brand’s strong image, while the dense and tear-resistant wool provides the necessary quality.

But what makes a Carhartt beanie in Burgundy best? This is very different and depends on the style. Because woolen hats are not only a great accessory on cold days. Even on warm days, beanies blend wonderfully into casual outfits and are often worn by urban youth. The robust and noble wine red supports the versatility of the wool hat: The beanies in burgundy red fit in wonderfully in an elegant wardrobe as well as in classic streetwear outfits. Ladies wear a Carhartt beanie in wine red in combination with loose blouses or denim jacket, while men combine the beanies classically with sweatshirts. In addition, the matching jeans or chinos with sneakers and finished is the casual-casual outfit in streetwear style. A special eye-catcher of the Carhartt beanie in claret is the large logo on the front of the beanie. But it’s not just the brand name that sets Carhartt’s beanies apart from other wool caps. Also, the cut of the cap is typical: With the classic four-part seam, the design of the Hat unmistakable and known worldwide, and with the high seam, the knit cap leaves enough material to either pull it deep into the face or to accommodate the dense hair in it.