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A Cinque suit – the balanced combination of style and trend

A Cinque suit – the balanced combination of style and trend

The Cinque suit comes from the spring of a creative design team based in Mönchengladbach. There are two additional intermediate collections per year in addition to the two main collections. The company always has a particularly good price-performance ratio. The Cinque suit should be high-quality, tasteful, comfortable and at the same time affordable. According to the label, Cinque clothing is aimed at men between the ages of 25 and 49, who value a sophisticated style and the implementation of current trends. The brand’s credo of finding the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, creates elegant suits that often stay in fashion for years and fashionably accompany men to work and special events throughout the year. Therefore, gentlemen who have once enjoyed the merits of the brand, usually put on one again and again Cinque suit,

A Cinque suit – an elegant classic and trendsetter

Gentlemen who buy a Cinque suit appreciate its good fit. Whether business suit or tuxedo – connoisseurs of fine clothes will always feel well in a Cinque suit. In addition to the perfect fit of pants and jacket the selected materials are responsible for the high wearing comfort. Virgin wool, fine wool and cotton blends in combination with stretchy materials such as elastane or polyamide ensure dimensional stability even on long working days. The glamorous silky shimmer of the evening costumes is created by a small Lycra share. The colors leave Cinque suits With a choice of black and dark blue over gray and anthracite to beige and brown tones, nothing to be desired. For those who prefer a casual look, Cinque offers trousers that can be individually combined with the brand’s jackets.