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A cocktail dress in blue scores on noble events

A cocktail dress in blue scores on noble events

A cocktail dress in blue is an insider tip for every event where a festive dress is announced. Whether a cool light blue, a mini dress in royal blue or a dark black blue: for every lady, every complexion and every occasion is the right color. Meanwhile, dark tones may be worn at weddings. Nevertheless, the choice for Brautjungfernkleider usually falls on a bright pastel tone. At an official or very festive occasion, not every woman wants to present herself in a mini dress. Anyone considering a strapless evening dress in the Vokuhila cut (for example from Luxuar) can still show leg. The trendy alternative looks extravagant, chic and yet stylish. Depending on the color can be cocktail dress in blue Combine perfectly with a noble contrasting color. A glittering scarf and matching pumps are chic accessories for one cocktail dress in blue. Also a clutch can not be missing, for example by Vera Mont.

Play with the colors: the cocktail dress in blue

If you wear a cocktail dress in blue, you are sure to attract attention. This is also related to the appearance of the color blue. Since time immemorial, people have associated the vastness of the sky or the depth of the sea with blue – the color of blue, therefore, is particularly mysterious. For such a mysterious look you need not only the matching accessories but also a successful make-up and beautiful nail polish. The right shade for the nails depends on several points: First of all, it should fit the cocktail dress in blue. If it is a dark cocktail dress in blue, golden or silver shades on the fingernails fit well. If a light blue dress was chosen, subtle nail polish tones such as pink or beige are a nice choice. When it comes to lipstick, women can choose blue or dark red tones for the color blue. A cocktail dress in blue is even better if you wear high-heeled shoes to the dress: High-heels or pumps in gold and silver tones are particularly noble to the color blue. The jewelry should be chosen depending on the shoe color. Similarly, bag and jacket must fit the look. A look in the mirror reveals at the end whether the overall impression is correct. If the colors match and the accessories are well chosen, nothing stands in the way of a perfect evening in a cocktail dress in blue. A nice alternative is a black cocktail dress.