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A green jacket fits perfectly with the colors of the cold season

A green jacket fits perfectly with the colors of the cold season

A green jacket is very trendy. Especially in autumn and winter, outfits with a combination of different natural shades such as green, brown or yellow enjoy great popularity. Also one green jacket fits perfectly at the beginning of the darker season. Ladies and gentlemen have the choice between different jacket models in green: from the retro style trench coat to the modern quilted jacket for really cold days. The designers use different shades of green for the different models. To match a sporty quilted jacket a rather striking and bright green, which fits perfectly into any casual outfit. Rather classic is a dark green, which is therefore often used in coats such as the duffle coat or the trench coat; Also a dark green leather jacket has a lot of style and is a nice idea for the wardrobe in autumn and winter. But how can a green jacket be best combined?

A green jacket to combine

If you choose a green biker jacket or leather jacket, you are looking for a mixture of sportiness and style: Both jackets make a casual, but not too casual impression and can therefore be combined with many different garments. A classic is a green jacket made of leather combined with jeans that harmonize best in dark blue. Black is also a good choice and always looks good as jeans and as cloth trousers. A slightly more elegant green jacket is the short trench coat: This coat is characterized by its clear, edgy shapes that give it a mature look. He is also a very robust and durable garment. Trench coats are water repellent and windproof, making them perfect for a stormy autumn day. A particularly warm green jacket is the duffle coat made of thick wool fabric, with a large hood and the typical large toggle buttons that give it a trendy retro look. It fits both a sporty outfit with jeans and sneakers as well as an elegant look with leather shoes and trousers. Both coats are available for both women and men. If you like to wear short jackets in the winter, you will find a green jacket especially as a quilted jacket in many different variations.