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A green pair of pants fits every occasion

A green pair of pants fits every occasion

Pants do not always have to be black, blue, gray or brown. Also one green pants goes well with many outfits and loosens the appearance. The tone green is available in many shades. A look into nature shows in what variety this color enriches the earth. So you do not have to choose the grass green trousers if you are looking for a nice alternative to blue jeans. A colored jeans or Chino is very trendy. Gone is the time when there were only blue jeans. Who likes colors, may also experiment with the color of the pants. A green pants This is a good choice, because this color can be beautifully combined with many other colors. Serious looks come from combining green pants with gray, white or dark blue clothing. A light gray looks too green especially chic. If you are a fan of colorful combinations, wear a subtle purple or a dark yellow to green trousers. In the leisure time, all color combinations are allowed, in the office you should choose more austere colors.

A green pants for him and her

In the cargo pants the color green has been in use for some time. The pants score with olive shades as camouflage color. Green as a color for an elegant trousers is a new edition of the cargo pants. The green creates a fresh, uncomplicated look, reminiscent of nature. A pair of green pants fits the chic sailor style. For this you combine white sailing shoes, a white T-shirt and a dark blue jacket to green pants. So you get a versatile casual outfit, with which you arrive well everywhere. For women, green pants are a fashionable piece that looks classy with classic accessories. Ladies choose a narrow cut. Skinny jeans or slim-fit jeans are ideal for colorful colors. A green pants can also be chosen for the evening. A shiny model of shimmering satin in emerald green or mint green draws everyone’s attention. A green shimmering outfit falls under the classic evening colors such as red and blue especially in the eye. The green pants are ideally complemented with a black elegant top for the evening. When choosing the accessories you should hold back, if you wear green pants. Less is more here: gold or silver tones fit perfectly with the green.