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A green skirt – the color for the day!

A green skirt – the color for the day!

Green with envy! On green skirt is now the must-have for late summer and autumn. The great color comes now multi-faceted and with many surprises. That’s one green skirt perfect for everyday life and the evening! For a casual look, combine a green skirt with a relaxed shirt and heavy accessories such as metal-look maxi bracelets. Wedge heels sneaker bring a particularly sporty touch in the style. For hip skater girls! In materials such as coarse knit the green skirt is suitable for everyday use. In summer, a beach skirt in green is a great look for hot days. Fresh colors like mint green can be combined with the classics of the summer. B. with sandals in lemon yellow and shirts in fresh white. With yellow chain or earrings, the look for the beach promenade is perfect- like ice in the sunshine! A wrap skirt is particularly airy and brings delicate movement in the form. So you can enjoy a fresh breeze on warm days every minute! A green skirt is also perfect for a day in the city. With a small Blazer the style is skillfully spiced up.

A green skirt in the office and in the evening

Even in the office, a green skirt can be seen. Elegant models from premium brands like HUGO BOSS show magical pencilskirts in cool petrol green. A green skirt for a white blouse conjures up a contemporary and confident look for the executive suite in an instant. The cool greens are best combined in the office with clear white and silver jewelery. A small office bag completes the look skilfully and proves a sense of style. Even knee-length skirts in rich apple green are now very popular. The deep and warm color is elegant and suitable for everyday use. A green skirt with a black blouse shirt and black pumps makes a feminine look, as seen on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf. The outfit is complete with extravagant leather shoppers.

A green skirt is the it-piece for a party and cocktail reception. In elegant fabrics with a subtle sheen or glitter, a green skirt sets a low-key statement. Unlike red, green always radiates a light understatement that can be staged in a particularly stylish way. With the focus on extravagant materials like silk you conjure a dreamlike look. Combined with cream and black, this creates an elegant, feminine style for fashion-conscious ladies.