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A parka in blue – the classic in a new color

A parka in blue – the classic in a new color

Parka has been celebrating a fashion comeback for some years now and is one of the most popular jackets on the market. He is no longer only in the classic colors kaki or black to have, but especially in blue, the stylish jackets are now increasingly found. On parka in blue is a real all-rounder, which combines excellently and can always be redecorated. similar to the models in black or green, there is also the parka in blue in many different cuts. Particularly popular is a parka in blue with a hood. A hooded parka is particularly suitable for autumn and winter very well. Lined models or a down parka not only keep you warm, but also look great. A parka in blue unfolds its full fashion potential, if it is carried in a nice casual or slightly rocking style. For this purpose, for example, it is advisable to combine it with a pair of slim pants in black and rough boots. In this compilation is a parka in blue for a day in the office or university, a shopping trip or a long walk. In addition, make blueness Jackets always look good with classic jeans and sneakers.

Great styling possibilities – the parka in blue

Stylish bikers can also risk a skilful style break with a parka in blue or try the color blocking: Then the parka is worn in blue, for example, with colored trousers in red, green or purple. A parka in navy blue sets a real eye-catcher contrast to the bold colors and in the compilation you can prove his fashion sense. A skilful break in style succeeds particularly well with a feminine or wide-swinging skirt. Here, the mix of elegant and casual is in the foreground, because a classic parka in blue stands for casual chic. The parka in blue can be upgraded great with fancy accessories. Among other things, the mix of blue and suede is very popular. A suede bag with fringes or lace-up shoes made of brown leather look great in a blue parka and so you can put together fashionable looks uncomplicated. Even colored scarves and colorful printed cloths are great eye-catchers, which make a good parka in blue.