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A red shirt stands for self-confidence and strength

A red shirt stands for self-confidence and strength

On red shirt should not be missing in any wardrobe. It is versatile, fashionable and chic. As a business shirt or casual style for the modern leisure look, it enriches the wardrobe. Especially popular is the classic with Kent collar in long sleeves. Meanwhile, many labels offer their shirts extra iron-free.

The color red has a strong signal character. People associate different things with her: For example, a strong red stands for power, strength, self-confidence and assertiveness. These are attributes that are particularly important in the business world. Anyone who wants to prevail in professional life, so one can red shirt like to wear in everyday work. In addition to these qualities, we also associate red with love and fire. Thus, a garment radiates passion and warmth like a red shirt. Who likes red and who is good, should have a red shirt in his wardrobe. Combined with a dark suit, it becomes an absolute eye-catcher and completes the noble outfit perfectly.

Red in all nuances for a red shirt

Red is available in many different shades. Bright red looks very striking and puts the wearer in the center of attention. Dark red, on the other hand, looks warm and especially noble. The chic color fits any skin tone and hair color. A red shirt in dark red can also be beautifully combined with white and navy blue. Also to blue jeans in different nuances from light to dark this color fits perfectly. For the business style and chic leisure outfits but is a red shirt in the tone Burgundy very well. This color of a very dark wine is wearable throughout the year for men and women in style. The color is chic and sympathetic. The wine red is immediately associated with cozy evenings in pleasant company. If you prefer softer colors, you can also use a model in pastel red. This can also be perfectly combined to a light suit.