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A red sweater as a strong basic for the wardrobe

A red sweater as a strong basic for the wardrobe

On red pullover should not be missing in any wardrobe. In red you just have to feel good. The color stands for warmth, love, strength and fire. One likes to associate red with power and assertiveness. It is not for nothing that people like to surround themselves in royal houses with red red pullover must not be chosen in a bright shade, if this does not match the complexion and hair color. There are many nuances of red: Bordeaux Red, Pink Red, Pink Red, Dark Red, Orange Red or a faded bright red. So everyone will find a nuance of red, in which he can feel good, and which fits well with the existing wardrobe. A red pullover is perfect for a classic outfit. In a simple design with V-neck, it looks serious and elegant. Today, men like to wear a red pullover just like women, because it brings a trendy change to the classic men’s colors, such as blue, green, beige or black.

A red pullover fits many colors

The color red is much more versatile than many fashion fans mean. It looks fresh and chic in a combination of white, navy blue or black. Combined with beige or gray, a red pullover is also very charming. The material for the red sweater plays an important role. Cotton is very comfortable and cool on the skin in summer. For the winter, a wool sweater is recommended. In fine smooth knit a red pullover with turtleneck or round neck looks very elegant combined with noble trousers. Ladies can complement this eye-catching color well with pearl jewelry. The white pearls harmonize perfectly with the red sweater, Likewise, a blouse with a white collar underneath makes it especially beautiful. The darker reds and the classic bordeux red fit especially well in autumn and winter. These shades of color men should gratefully access, because they can stand any skin tone and make the complexion look healthy and fresh. The Sweater in red as Bordeauxton harmonizes with garments in many other shades. So you can wear it under a variety of blazers. Whether checkered, striped, in beige, blue, gray or green: the warm Bordeux red looks like a natural complement. Who with his red sweater only discreetly attracts attention chooses muted combination colors. Black is a very strong contrast and makes the red shine even more.