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A scarf in green is the perfect accessory for many outfits

A scarf in green is the perfect accessory for many outfits

Why not dare color and put a scarf in green choose? Especially when the days are getting shorter and darker, it fits green wonderful to the colorful colors of nature: one scarf in green blends well with trendy colors like dark red and golden yellow. Both ladies and gentlemen can combine their outfit with one scarf in green complement well. Green is easier to combine than you think. For example, dark green in combination with a dark outfit: For example, non-colors such as black and white dominate autumn fashion; Brown also flows into the wardrobe here and there. These are all colors to which a scarf in green fits wonderfully and at the same time creates great contrasts. in general it is very possible to set contrasts with a scarf in green. Just a radiant hue such as light green or lime is a real eye-catcher and stands out well from the otherwise rather dark clothing. A bright green can be combined, for example, with white, black or other green shades. Nice is also a combination with brown, which creates a special look. For a light green summer scarf especially ladies, while gentlemen choose a dark green.

Scarf in green – from a thin scarf to a thick round scarf

With a scarf in green in a dark shade stylish outfits can be created. Fitting this are other natural colors like brown. How a scarf in green is best combined depends on the type of scarf: A thin scarf is not only a wonderful accessory in spring and summer due to the thinness of the fabric, but also suits the bright season visually. Because the thin fabric makes the green appear brighter and friendlier. In autumn and winter we recommend a thick wool scarf in dark green, which is available in a classic design or as a trendy round scarf. This model is slipped over the head and does not need to be tied. Especially with young people, such a tube scarf is very much in vogue. Depending on the model, a scarf in green is worked in different knit patterns. Here also eye-catching patterns are allowed. Thus, there is the right scarf in green for every taste – whether as a thin scarf or as a thick wool scarf.