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A transparent blouse also convinces with its simple design

A transparent blouse also convinces with its simple design

Blouses made of transparent fabrics work in many combinations: an opulent valance variant is just as versatile as a minimalist model with a stand-up collar.

Thanks to new material developments lie transparent Fabrics like chiffon or mesh meanwhile very soft on the skin. Its structure allows for a lightweight case, making it ideal for feminine looks. The transparency gives the material a delicate touch and gives it a touch of pure femininity. The offer distinguishes between completely transparent blouses as well as models with transparent or semi-transparent inserts. Silk and satin are ideal partners for material mixes. A special expression is given to fabrics with large patterns such as flowers. Stretch jeans and ankle boots lend the transparent blouses a fashionable touch. Such a copy looks more elegant with a beautifully flowing Marlene pants and high heels.

A transparent blouse unfolds as monotone execution their strongest effect. There are essentially two variants that cause a stir. The first impresses with models that feature filigree details such as ruffles and flounces: a Carmen blouse with an opulent valance embellishment along the collar has many faces. An underworn lace top and pencil imitation leather skirt make for an impressive party appearance. A playful hippie chic succeeds with Häkeltop, hit jeans and pearl necklace mix. The second variant presents itself quite simply as a shirt blouse with opaque inserts: stand-up collar and placket give this transparent blouse a clear line. Such models look as appealing with jeans and ankle boots as they do with a suit or a business suit.