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Airy and pleasant in summer – the backless dress

Airy and pleasant in summer – the backless dress

Shift the focus of your outfit and wear a tasteful, backless dress, This will bring variety to your wardrobe. Stars and starlets like to wear on the red carpets of this world and show how glamorous long evening robes with a back cut can look.

Backless dresses have a seductive, feminine and at the same time very elegant effect. Here, the décolleté is not the center of attention, creating a refreshingly new look. While the dress initially looks high-necked, surprised the back neck, where some models are elaborately decorated. Examples include crossing ribbons or a filigree lace pattern that extends across the back.

Of course, there are also for the leisure attractive models. Especially in the summer, the airy clothes are often worn. So you not only brown on the back faster, but also do not sweat so fast. The variants delight in many different fits. Wide cut backless dresses The trendy oversize look is perfect for urban wear, which is great for shopping, for example. Feminine models with waisted shape or dresses in figure-flattering A-line cut look chic and can be worn at the beach bar, for example in the evening. Convince yourself of the wide range of backless dresses and discover modern Tropical Print, classic colors, bold floral designs and much more.