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Airy summer looks with the halter neck

Airy summer looks with the halter neck

If you want to put your shoulders in the summer are are halter a nice opportunity for that. This design is therefore very popular with tops, bikinis and dresses. Characteristic features halter Top over a tie in the neck so that the shoulders remain completely free. This cut is therefore ideal for hot days, where you want to leave air and sun to your skin.

The variants of the neckholder range from fine bands that are gathered at the neck to an elegant Collierkragen, which is placed around the neck. If you do not really feel comfortable in a bandeau top and appreciate the safety of straps, then a neckholder top is an excellent alternative. As it puts your shoulder in the right light, you can tune your remaining look to emphasize this effect even more. A pretty updo or a plait, your shoulders remain free and also the attractive lacing in the neck is good.

It would also be a shame to cover the look of a halter shirt with a jacket. For cool evenings, we recommend coarse crocheted ponchos or a wide, light cloth that you can loosely put on your upper arms. So the charm of your Neckholder remains.