Wednesday , 17 August 2022


The fashion brand Altea is a traditional Italian company founded in 1892 by Giuseppe Sartori in Milano. At that time, the cloth merchant specialized in fine ties made of exquisite oriental fabrics. Over several generations, the Sartoris have successfully produced and sold luxury neckties made from brocade fabrics and silk under their name. Only the Second World War put the company for the time being an end. But already in 1946 Felice Sartori founded a textile factory again and named it Altea after a multi-colored mallow plant. The products of the company are as dazzling as the plant itself: The neckties, bow ties and scarves of outstanding quality are now very popular among women and men from all over the world.

In Altea ties and towels beats the heart of the South. The diverse color combinations and patterns are perfect for complementing and underlining an expressive outfit. In men’s fashion, Altea silk ties make an exquisite contrast to suits and jackets in muted colors.

The elegant iridescence of the silk, combined with the unique brilliance of the colorations makes the elegant men’s outfit in an instant an exciting eye-catcher. Combined with an Altea handkerchief, the ties form a stylish ensemble for a successful appearance in business, in evening wear or on festive occasions. For the women Altea holds scarves and silk scarves ready. The gossamer, airy fabrics are excellent combination partners for dresses, shirts and blouses. For the colder season, however, Altea scarves made from virgin wool or blended fabrics are exactly the right choice. The selected materials are pleasantly soft on the skin and keep it reliably warm. These products are especially good together with a coat. When combined with a casual cardigan or a casual cotton shirt, they create an informal casual outfit with that twist. Altea accessories combine traditional craftsmanship and innovative inventiveness. Together with modern technology and many years of experience, this results in exclusive fabrics with simple elegance and the typical Mediterranean flair.