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Black cashmere sweater

Black cashmere sweater raquette cashmere sweater - black - universal standard HDWGKTA

Ladies and gentlemen alike appreciate the fine and soft feel of a black cashmere sweater. The sweaters made of the coveted natural fibers give a pleasant warmth on cool days and are at the same time wonderfully easy to wear. The cashmere sweater – a combination classic for every women’s …

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Cambio Posh Jeans

Cambio Posh Jeans attraktiv cambio 7 8-jeans posh großhandelspreise UXGEOYI

Fresh and youthful designs with a timeless touch exudes the Posh Collection from Cambio. The German fashion company attaches great importance to an optimal fit and high quality. At the same time, it offers creative designs for a variety of occasions. The Posh Pants by Cambio can be worn on …

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Elegant and serious – the shark collar

Shark Collar shirt, long sleeve, shark collar white HWJWEKA

Shirt wearers are always faced with the decision of the right collar. For solemn occasions is for example the shark collar a good choice. It is particularly suitable for large tie knots, as its two tips are far apart and held rather discreetly. The bow tie or tie is here …

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Blue cashmere sweater

Blue cashmere sweater cashmere crewneck sweater LBPOTFP

If you like it cuddly and elegant at the same time in the cool season, you will love cashmere sweaters. The noble material is one of the favorites for stylish winter looks! In blue cashmere sweaters also come in a very combo-friendly color. Blue cashmere sweater – high quality and …

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Fur Jackets for Women

Fur Jackets for Women pieced fox shawl collar faux fur jacket - 1 ... KEKMPMD

Jackets with fur hood They keep cuddly warm and are visually a real highlight. Jackets with fur hood are worn by both ladies and gentlemen. Especially for casual leisure looks they are made. Parkas, coats and quilted jackets are equally fashionable with fur hoods. Discover the possibilities and give your …

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Women’s Outdoor Vests

Women’s Outdoor Vests sonata vest BIPXDCV

When hiking or cycling, it can be fresh quickly. For the transitional period, an outdoor vest is a great way to keep the body warm without breaking a sweat. At the same time, there is a lot of room to move through the free arms. The fashionable designs of the …

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Business Fashion

Business Fashion business fashion DMIJRTF

On the selection of the right outfit, you should put special emphasis on job life. Finally, you face customers and business associates in this wardrobe. With the right business fashion, your look should always have a representative look and show you from your most stylish side. Business fashion for men …

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Evening skirts: short or long?

Evening Skirts image 0 FJAHVGJ

On special occasions, the outfit may be a little more elegant. One way is chic evening skirts, They create a feminine look and at the same time offer numerous combinations so that they can be styled elegant, classic, serious or very sexy. Evening skirts: short or long? They are available …

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Cashmere sweater – fashion creations made of the finest wool

Cashmere sweater hover ... MIRKHPW

Cashmere sweater are among the finest items of clothing for both men and women. Depending on your preferences, the range of products extends from classic to trendy. Modern design and vibrant colors are the main features of the Cashmere sweater from Four [ti] Four, while the more conservative elegant variant …

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