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Bags with shoulder straps

Bags with shoulder straps

shoulder strap These are practical helpers, which are preferably attached to bags or can be attached separately, so that they can be worn so that you have both hands free.

The shoulder strap Its length differs from a simple handle that is so short that it can only be worn in the hand or in the crook of the arm. This results in the long strap different carrying options: As the name suggests, it can easily be placed over the shoulder. However, it can just as well be pulled over the head and worn diagonally across the chest and back. This makes the bag safer because it can not be easily torn away.

Shoulder strap – a practical detail

Bags with a long strap provide much more freedom of movement and comfort than those with handle. In many models is the shoulder strap also adjustable in length or padded. There are the bags in different designs. From the gym bag over the weekender and the handbag to the clutch, the shoulder straps are used in almost all bag models. Often also handle pockets are additionally provided with such a belt, so that more variance in the carrying options is ensured. This can usually be removed if necessary.