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Baldessarini Jack Jeans

Baldessarini Jack Jeans

Jack of Baldessarini

Fancy a stylish jeans that holds a large portion of luxury for you? Then the model Jack designed by Baldessarini just right for you. The label produces glamorous clothing in true premium quality, but always makes sure that the individual collections are also suitable for everyday use.

With his Jack Jeans shows up Baldessarini from its casual side and presents us real luxury pants for everyday life and leisure. Together with a basic shirt and monocolour sneakers, you can create a cool, clean look. On the other hand, colorful shirts with a street-style look and patterned sneakers add color to your outfit. Of course you can buy the jackets from Baldessarini also combine in a classic and elegant way: with a shirt, jacket and elegant business shoes, the models can be worn out in no time and can be executed in bars and clubs with a sophisticated ambience. Even at festive events, you can look like this.