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Bandeau Bikini ensures an optimal silhouette

Bandeau Bikini ensures an optimal silhouette

The triangle bikini was yesterday. The Bandeau bikini is the must-have for the coming summer. The classic Bandeau bikini comes without a carrier, but now many models are available, which give thanks to additional support more security – especially when jumping into the cold water of the swimming pool or the bath in the sea. The French word “bandeau” means bandage and how bound around the body is also the classic strapless Bandeau bikini, Especially in the 50s and 60s, the bandeau bikini was the big hit on the beaches of the Mediterranean and was gaining popularity by celebrity wearers. At that time, the bandeau bikini was almost always plain and embellished with gold or silver accents. Today, however, there are no limits to the designers: Whether colorful striped, printed with bright prints or in soft pastel shades, the selection is extensive and has something for every taste. Of course, there is still the monochrome bandeau bikini for those who like it classic.

The bandeau bikini ensures an optimal silhouette

The bandeau bikini helps every lady to an advantageous silhouette: In lushly built ladies Bandeau cut provides a beautiful shape that can be enhanced by wearers. Highly recommended is a colorful printed or striped Bandeau bikini because the patterns and colors hide a too lush figure well. On the other hand, women with little bust size can resort to padded tops, which give the bandeau bikini a push-up effect. Even ruffles are a popular trick to conceal missing volume. Often bandeau bikinis are offered in individual parts, so that the upper part of an individual lower part can be selected. While the slip-on style nicely complements the bandeau bikini, the grip on the hot pants can help cover up luscious hip pads. In this case, it is advisable to choose a monochrome base for a colorful bandeau top, for example in a muted color such as black or dark blue. An airy sarong or pareo completes the look of the pool or beach.