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Bathrobes with hood – Relax in the bathrobe

Bathrobes with hood – Relax in the bathrobe

For a walk in the bathroom, to relax or just for a leisurely start to the day is recommended a bathrobe with a hood. Most terry cloth-like materials absorb moisture and provide comfort.

The bathrobe already looks back on a long tradition. Already in the 16th century there are references to the garment in the public bathing regulations. Even in literature and music, the bathrobe celebrates regular appearances. So the fictional character Sherlock Holmes retreats to solve cases in red-golden bathrobe. Musician Udo Jürgens gave his encores preferably in a white model. Typical of its design are – in addition to the hood – A binding tape with which the bathrobe can be easily closed and the high-absorbent material, usually a terry-like cotton fabric. Apart from these characteristics, however, offers a wide variety of variations: There is the bathrobe with hood for example, with V-neck, knee-length, ankle-length or in fashionable short form.

Bathrobes are a good choice for public baths and saunas as well as for the private sector. In the morning they are quickly thrown over and you can enjoy the cup of coffee in a particularly pleasant way. In the evening, her fluffy surface is nice for relaxing on the couch or browsing in bed. After showering or bathing, the bathrobe takes the water from the skin and with the hood also from the hair. After the care with creams or body lotions he gives heat until the product is absorbed, and it is pleasantly light. Of course, there is the bathrobe with hood or without in different designs – plain colors, with a subtle edging, in bright tones or with decorative floral patterns.