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Black Blazers – elegance with that certain something

Black Blazers – elegance with that certain something

A blazer in black fits many different occasions and can be combined in different ways. Classic is the combination of one blazer in black and a matching trousers. This mix forms a masculine style that is well received, especially at work. So that the look does not seem too strict, ladies should opt for a short, tailored blazer decide in black. A fitted jersey blazer brings the feminine silhouette to advantage. In addition, most models are very light and therefore very portable throughout the year. If you like the feminine style, and want to emphasize its femininity in addition, enhances the blazer in black with a mix of high-heeled shoes and delicate gold jewelry. Style this way Ladies uncomplicated an elegant outfit, which at the same time fits for a festive event and a sophisticated event. Who his black blazer wears in the evening, may choose something more flashy models in jewelry and other accessories and give the jacket extra glamor.

Blazer in black – also fashionable at leisure

Ladies, who are also enthusiastic about their outfits in their free time, can make their blazer in black very easy to use in everyday life. A simple blazer looks great among a pair of dark jeans and classic sneakers. Here, the elegant blazer completes the sporty outfit and the mix of different styles ensures that certain something. In this case, a high quality long blazer is also highly recommended. Such a blazer in black is worn mainly to narrow pants or tight leggings, but looks great too short skirts. In addition, there is for Ladies numerous short blazers with tie ribbons. These models accentuate the waist, making the feminine curves very beautiful. In addition, ladies can put pretty accents with a bolero in the summer. This short blazer in black fits perfectly to plain shirts or fashionable tops and makes even a simple styling interesting. A bolero also offers other benefits in spring and summer: on cooler days or balmy evenings, ladies can wear this black blazer simply to keep the shoulders and back warm at all times. It is also so handy that you can take it in a bag.