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Black Clutch – an elegant companion

Black Clutch – an elegant companion

It is written in 1920, when more and more people are seen on the streets and at upscale festivities, carrying a small bag under the arm and accommodating the necessary utensils. These so-called underarm bags find many supporters among the ladies of the upper class. Today, they are especially fond of evening events, since numerous designers rediscovered the small bags with or without handles or straps and as so-called Clutch reformed. While she went down in World War II, she was revived after Christian Dior’s difficult time. The designer decided that Clutch in black completely new and make part of his collections. Meanwhile, many collections pick up on this trend and turn the clutch in black into a particularly elegant accessory that should not be missing in a woman’s closet. Decorated with sequins or made from the finest materials such as satin or leather, the ladies evening bag is an eye-catcher in itself. It harmonises with beautiful dresses, but can also be worn as a trouser suit and replaces the classic handbag in an elegant way. The small evening bags have enough space to accommodate passport, keys and a small make-up.

The clutch in black as an accessory

When it comes to a party in the evening or an invitation at the door, then not many items are needed, but still carries the lady a handbag to accommodate trifles. The ideal choice is a clutch in black. Black presents itself as a practical color, as it really harmonizes with any design. The clutch in black can be worn as well to a colorful dress as to a restrained model. Of course, she also looks good on jeans. Mostly the clutch in black consists only of a single compartment. It can be closed with a button or zipper and fits perfectly in one hand. Of course, it can also be worn under the arm as a classic, so that the hands are free. Especially popular is the clutch in black, if it has different ornaments. Beautiful patterns, small color highlights or embroidery are also popular. In addition to its function as an evening bag, it is often used as an accessory and completes an outfit with its elegant appearance in an elegant way.