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Black Marlene Trousers

Black Marlene Trousers

The Marlene pants in black is a timeless classic

The Marlene pants in black is super versatile and should not be missing in any wardrobe. The trendy women’s pant bears the name of the famous actress and style icon Marlene Dietrich. She created in the 1920s, a completely new, slightly masculine clothing style for women. Her eye-catching Marlenehosen, which have rather long legs, went into the fashion story. These pants resemble men’s suit pants. Marlene Dietrich knew how to combine these elegant trousers so cleverly with blouses and jackets that created a completely new fashion style. She made the look perfect with her relatively short wavy hair and sophisticated make-up. Today, the Marlene pants in black is a classic that always attracts attention. As great as the Marlene trousers looked on their first wearer, it is so difficult to combine them optimally. To Marlene pants in black you can not just wear a sweater or any shirt as your favorite jeans. Since the pants have wide legs at the bottom, the upper body should be emphasized with a tight top. A slim silhouette is created by fitted blouses and figure-hugging tops.

The Marlene pants in black: cleverly combined an eye-catcher

T-shirts should not be cut too far in combination with Marlene pants in black. In addition, they should be so short that you can put their waistband in the waistband. Wide shirts or T-shirts are not optimal for the Marlene pants in black, as visually a contrast to the wide pants legs should be created. On the other hand, feminine blouses and small, narrow knit jackets or boleros are especially beautiful. The waist and hip area should always be emphasized by the combined garments. A chic belt for Marlene pants in black is a nice accessory. The Marlene pants in black are versatile when it comes to the color combination. White and red are colors that look good with Marlene pants in black. But with the signal color red you should not overdo it – shoes in red are enough. Also distract white blouses or tops not too much from the great trouser shape. Even patterned tops will look good with the Marlene trousers in black if the pattern is small. Shoes with high heels are ideal for Marlene pants, they stretch the body in addition to the length.