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Black Parkas – a classic under the coats for autumn and winter

Black Parkas – a classic under the coats for autumn and winter

A parka in black is the absolute classic among coats. It is robust, offers good protection against cold and rain and is always in demand. Originally the origin parka from Greenland, where it was already supported at the beginning of the 19th century by the Inuit for protection against the icy temperatures. At that time, it often consists of fur and seal skin, which is particularly well insulated. Today there is the parka in black as a thin transitional jacket as well as thick lined for the winter. In both variants, it reaches to the knees and thus protects against low temperatures. Most models also have a hood. It can be taken off and has on some models a fur collar as an additional eye-catcher. Whether it is a thick parka in black or a thin model, it is always weatherproof and reliably protects against rain and wind. For this purpose, the manufacturers use waxed cotton fibers, which are water-repellent and offer good protection against all weathers.

A parka in black fits many styles of clothing

With a parka in black you always make a good figure. This classic coat has practically never gone out of style. No wonder: with straight lines, it offers a timelessly beautiful look that suits both men and women. Especially a parka in black also fits in color to many outfits. So the color black harmonizes with almost all other shades and is therefore very versatile. Even a more elegant style fits perfectly in a black parka: combined with a pair of cloth trousers, stylish lace-up shoes and a pullover, men in particular will look great. Of course, it is also possible to combine it with jeans and sneakers for a sporty style that is especially popular with young men. Ladies on the other hand, wear the hooded parka leg-free over skirts and tights – a popular combination among young women. The difference between a parka in black for Ladies and the models for men is the sidecut, which additionally emphasizes the female figure and gives the coat a very fashionable look. A parka in black is a very versatile coat that always looks good.