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Black scarf – modern accessory in classic design

Black scarf – modern accessory in classic design

On black scarf is one of the absolute basics and should be found with every lady in the closet. It does not matter if it’s a fancy look, a simple office outfit or a casual leisure style black scarf just always fits. Particularly often a black scarf is used in the autumn and winter seasons. In these seasons, the scarf donates enough warmth and at the same time looks very good. Above all, a fashionable tube scarf has become indispensable in the world of fashion for several years. A black scarf in a round shape has the great advantage that it is particularly easy to tie. Ladies do not need to learn different knots or wrapping techniques, because a tube scarf is just loosely placed around the neck. The same is true of a classic knit scarf: These models are usually very thick and especially in icy winds an extremely practical companion that looks stylish at the same time. Women should, however, be careful with a knit scarf, to grab quality materials, because such a scarf in black they will be able to wear for many years. Thanks to the neutral color scheme, it can also be easily combined with any jacket and color, making it a great all-rounder that inspires with a good versatility.

A black scarf for spring and summer

As a modern accessory, a black scarf may also be worn on warmer days to airy outfits. Here ladies should rather resort to thin models of cotton or linen, because they are pleasantly light on the skin. A scarf or silk scarf is the right choice in these cases. Anyone who chooses an exclusive silk scarf can wear the scarf perfectly in the office or use it for festive occasions. For this purpose, a black scarf is only loosely placed over the shoulders and serves as a stole. In addition to simple variants in black, ladies can also look forward to a few real eye-catcher: A black scarf with large-scale prints, for example, as attracts attention as scarves and shawls with fringes or small glittering stones. Looks made of jeans and T-shirt can easily be upgraded with a fancy scarf – and with the matching bag and great shoes a completely new, exciting style is created.