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Black tie – the classic proves versatility

Black tie – the classic proves versatility

A black tie is much more versatile than commonly thought. It can not only be worn at funerals, but also fits many other happier occasions. The black tie has the advantage that it looks very discreet. It gives the other garments the priority: their reserve makes the combination of shirt, suit, pants and accessories many times easier. The black tie fits any color of the top. This is a great advantage in today’s colorful fashion. So you can buy colorful shirts to your heart’s content and do not have to worry about a matching tie, because the black tie is suitable as a combination partner for every color. When combined into a red, blue, purple or even yellow shirt, it no longer looks like a sad occasion. On the contrary, a very colorful or strikingly colored shirt can look simpler and more subtle. The black tie is a real insider tip for your daily business outfit.

The black tie as an elegant or trendy accessory

The black tie is basically very elegant. It is the first choice for official occasions or commemorations. Here comes a fine shiny silk tie in question. But there are other variations for one black tielike the leather tie or the woolen tie. Especially the leather tie is always rediscovered in fashion. It has a completely different fashion effect than the festive silk tie. Leather ties are Western-style, but also enjoyed great popularity in the 1980s. At that time, one wore slim leather ties in different colors and created a whole new look, which was characterized by colorful suits and shirts. This fashion style had nothing to do with the business world, but belonged to the colorful show world. Ties made of woolen fabrics also regularly find their way back into fashion. A black tie made of coarse textured wool definitely has its charm. She likes to wear shirts, which are also made of thicker fabrics like flannel. The elegant dark tie does not have to be quite discreet. There is a lot of scope here in terms of pattern, structure and fabrics. Fine shiny horizontal stripes or dots in the fabric relax the severity of the color. Different substances in a model also produce an interesting effect. If you want to decorate the tie, choose an elegant tie pin.