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Black Vest- round off the outfit uncomplicated

Black Vest- round off the outfit uncomplicated

With its long history, the vest is one of the garments that has already gone through several stages. At the beginning was the vest She was still wearing long-sleeved sleeves and only later did she become a sleeveless piece of clothing. In the 1920s, she was an important part of androgynous fashion in the women’s world. One of the most famous ladies, the one vest made a hit in black was Marlene Dietrich. She showed how elegant the garment can be incorporated into the outfit, and thus inspired the women’s fashion imagination. In this way, the designers rediscovered the vest in black and gave her an innovative face. If you would like to redecorate the style of Marlene Dietrich, it is best to opt for a slim, tight-fitting vest in black. Models made of shiny fabric or with pinstripes look particularly elegant. To make the look perfect, you combine the well-known Marlene trousers with the vest in black and hold back in relation to the jewelry and the shoes. Simple accessories enhance the outfit. black, white or silver garments fit well with the vest in black.

Wear the vest in black properly

Whether leather vest, down vest or quilted vest – for every season there is the matching vest in black. For this to come into its own, it should be properly combined. A vest in black is a real highlight of any outfit and therefore may also like to be highlighted. Small details, such as a hood with fur or a bar that is buttoned, are always well received. The vest in black is usually kept short and often ends at waist height. With this she emphasizes the figure and at the same time warms the upper body. Depending on which material is selected, a vest in black can also be slightly thicker. In this case, it is advantageous if it is combined with a thin top, tight pants and heel shoes, so that the figure comes to the right effect. An elegant vest can be worn by men and women. Over the blouse or the shirt she gives the outfit the final touch again and draws the attention to itself. A good fit and high-quality materials are the prerequisites for bringing the vest in black to the fore.