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Black Winter Quilted Coats

Black Winter Quilted Coats

Quilted coat in black: fashionable coats with style

A quilted coat in black is a great eye-catcher, which impresses with an exclusive look. Similar to a down coat, a quilted coat in black has delicate seams separated from each other to give the coat a beautiful pattern. However, the small boxes or areas in a quilted jacket are not filled with down, but kept very flat. This has the great advantage that a quilted coat in black can not only be worn on very cold winter days. Rather, one is black Quilted jacket a great transition jacket that warms reliably, without being too thick. For this reason, quilted jackets are preferred in autumn. When temperatures drop and it gets windy and rainy, ladies wearing a hooded sweatshirt in black and a hood can look forward to many varied stylings. Particularly popular here is the mix of light and dark. If you are interested in this trend, wear a quilted coat in black to light jeans or opt for fashionable cord trousers in yellow or beige. In addition, a quilted coat in black is also ideally suited to stage fashionable Ankleboots or boots. For this purpose, the coat is worn with a skirt or dress and opaque tights. So the view of the shoes remains free and the simple coat does not detract from the rest of the styling. The same is true when ladies want to emphasize an exclusive scarf or colorful bags and accessories skillfully.

A quilted coat in black – elegance for the office and everyday life

A quilted coat in black impresses with its simple elegance. Most models do not need eye-catching details to shine, because the exclusive look looks all alone. Therefore, a quilted coat in black as well as a trench coat is ideal for a sophisticated business look. Also for a festive event in the evening or a visit to the restaurant or theater, a classic quilted coat is a great companion. Ladies, who like it a bit fancier in their free time, opt for a quilted coat in black with contrasting stitching. Colored seams in a rich green or a bright pink make the coats a real highlight and also large-scale embroidery or pattern on the back may like to decorate in his spare time a quilted coat in black.