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Black Women’s Vests

Black Women’s Vests

The women’s vest in black can be combined in many ways

A women’s vest in black makes a lot of fun, because it enriches the wardrobe. Many tops can be combined with the women’s vest in black and create new looks time and again. There are many variations of the women’s vest in black: The leather vest, the knit vest, the quilted vest or the elegant satin vest. Each has its areas of application. The leather vest goes well with shirts, cool print shirts and slim pullovers. You can combine vests made of fine fabrics into voluminous blouses to create a chic gaucho style. Also evening shirts and noble sweaters can be combined with her. But mostly you wear the women’s vest in black in cooler weather, because a vest is perfect when the temperatures are unsteady.

The women’s vest in black warms on cooler days and looks pretty

With the women’s vest in black, you can wear tops made of thin fabrics even on cool days. Fine silk blouses, beautiful shirts and figure-hugging pullovers are also wearable in autumn and winter with a warm women’s vest in black. To find the right models for your own figure and style, you have to look at some models. There are waist-length vests or very long. Some are closed with buttons, some with zippers and still others have only two ribbons, which can be tied to a decorative bow. Women vests in black can also be worn open. If you like, you can use a pretty brooch as a closure. Why should it be a women’s vest in black? Black is on the one hand most versatile with other colors to combine and on the other hand, the color black serious, chic and evening fine. With the women’s vest in black you can combine all colorful colored tops. Some eye-catching patterned shirt is more subtle by a women’s vest in black and can be worn more often. When cutting, you should make sure that he flatters his own figure. If you have narrow hips, you can choose A-shaped long vests that are only laced. If you have more feminine shapes, you should rather choose straight cut vests or put on tailored models. Knitted vests are suitable for every woman in winter. Depending on the wool type and pattern, they look casual, sometimes sophisticated. Even at home, a women’s vest in black is a favorite piece, as it fits many tops and warms in the transitional period.