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Blue Boots can be worn casual, elegant or hip

Blue Boots can be worn casual, elegant or hip

Boots in blue shine through a variety of nuances

Boots have been worn for thousands of years. Initially purely earmarked, for example as soldier boots for maximum safety, the shoe has been a key piece in the fashion cosmos since the middle of the last century. In addition to the approximately knee-high, narrow boots has now developed a varied assortment – Boots in blue included. This wealth includes a range of types of boots, versatile materials and a wide range of heel shapes, heights and heel widths. blue is the most popular favorite color in polls. Maybe it’s because of its calming and relaxing effect. The sound is reminiscent of the sky and the sea. Blue is also the color that symbolizes the infinite. Boots in blue present with just this infinite combination possibilities. In combination with white, blue creates a maritime look. Worn with black, blue looks elegant. Depending on the nuance, the color also sets accents with red, orange and yellow. Boots in blue suit every style. If you prefer a casual and sporty jeans look, you will either find an ankle boot in dark blue with a denim touch or classic lace-up shoes. The darker the boot in blue, the higher the mix factor.

Night Blue is always being traded as the new black. Narrow blue classic boots in blue with elegant minimalist lines look grand in the office or on official occasions to the costume in black. If you are a bit more adventurous, you can set a bright royal blue accent. The color Navy is also one of the classics and works well with biker boats. This type of shoe is particularly versatile. Derb boots go well with skinny jeans and miniskirts and give any outfit a rocking touch. Blue boots are also perfect for casual vintage washing. This gives the shoes a touch of retro style, which completes impressively, for example, a military look. Boots in blue can be found in all shoe types: Whether classic boots, cowboy or biker boots, overknees, lace-up boots, wedge boots, plateau or rubber boots – the traditional footwear receives every season new finesse and shines in new nuances. The fashionable features of the boots in blue include studs, laces, button appliqués, buckles, sequins and much more. While leather is particularly first-class and provides a long-lasting pleasure, high-quality plastics and textile fibers make patterns and fashionable prints stand out very well.