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Blue Shirts for men – How can you combine a shirt in blue?

Blue Shirts for men – How can you combine a shirt in blue?

Shirt in blue – from stylish business shirt to loose casual shirt with check pattern

A shirt in blue is a classic of stylish men’s wardrobe. Whether as a light blue business shirt or as a dark blue casual shirt; checkered or with stripes; made of fine silk or as a trendy denim shirt – a shirt in blue is there for every taste and always looks good. Wearing shirts has a long tradition and many styles have evolved over many years. The classic is the shirt in blue for a stylish and elegant outfit: Here, the business shirt has established itself in solid colors. It convinces through high-quality fabrics with fine fabric, through a slightly body-conscious cut and noble buttons as stylish details. It does not only fit into an elegant pair of trousers, but has long since found its way into casual wear, where it is even worn as a contrast in a streetwear outfit. Also stylish is a blue plaid shirt, which has its origins in plaid flannel shirt. In contrast to the classic lumberjack shirt, however, it is made of a fine cotton fabric and looks much more restrained and elegant with a tight check pattern. Again, there is a large selection of shirts in various shades of blue, which can be worn either with a casual wardrobe or as part of an elegant outfit. A plaid shirt in blue is a real all-rounder.

How best to wear a shirt in blue? Different combination options provide variety. Blue jeans are always fitting: is that Shirt light blue held, so dark jeans create a pleasant contrast. Conversely, it depends on how much one likes to deviate from the norm. But also one dark blue shirt To light blue jeans is a nice combination. It does not matter whether you choose a shirt in blue with check pattern or a plain-colored model: both variants are equally suitable for jeans. For a stylish outfit, the combination with an elegant trousers and matching leather shoes is recommended. If you like the real street-style look, you should wear a denim shirt that suits both women and men. The shirt can also be worn one size larger here: Especially for ladies, a shirt in blue made of denim often reaches almost to the knees and is shaped with a belt.