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Blue Trench Coats

Blue Trench Coats

A trench coat in blue is the perfect combination of robustness and style

The trench coat in blue is a true classic: With its clear edges, the trendy retro look and beautiful details such as large buttons and a fine lining is the Trenchcoat even today a happy worn coat. It originated in the 19th century, where it was designed as a coat for British soldiers in the trench warfare. Hence the name Trench, which means digging. His specialty was not the cut, but above all the material used: With special, waxed cotton, he was particularly weather-resistant and offered the soldiers good protection against rain and wind. In the 20th century, the Trenchcoat Finally, a popular coat for leisure. It makes an elegant impression, but can also be worn in combination with a sporty outfit. Just today a trench coat is in blue Also popular among young adults as a casual coat and is sometimes worn to jeans and sneakers – a combination that looks very casual. Even today, a trench coat in blue convinces by its robust workmanship, which makes it the perfect garment for the transitional period. As a rule, he is not heavily fed, but offers good protection against rain and wind.

A trench coat in blue fits many different outfits

A trench coat in blue fits to a sporty as well as to a stylish or elegant outfit – and that with ladies and gentlemen. For example, a trench coat in blue can be wonderfully combined with elegant trousers like chinos and matching leather lace-up shoes. The color blue is characterized by its high versatility: Whether to white, black or other blue shades – with a trench coat in blue creates guaranteed wonderful color harmonies that arouse positive associations. Although blue is sometimes associated with masculinity, the color is also very popular with women. Therefore, there is the trench coat in blue as a ladies coat, which fits wonderfully to a legless outfit, among other things. The trench coat is available as a short coat in blue or as a long coat, with the longer version being the more elegant version, while a short coat is more suited to sporty outfits. Thus, there is the right trench coat in blue for every taste.