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Bouclé Blazer – from short and to casual

Bouclé Blazer – from short and to casual

Coco Chanel made the bouclé fabric world famous: her short jacket made of this special material is still a regular inspiration for current fashion. The fabric with the loops, whose name can be translated from French as “locke” or “ring”, plays an essential role in the effect of the respective design.

Bouclé was made in earlier years from animal hair. Today, the fabric consists of fine yarns, which give a robust impression with their loop optics. And this robustness is suitable for the fashionable play with contrasts: The contrast between the relatively coarse-looking fabric and elegant cuts also makes the special appeal of the Bouclé blazer out. For many renowned brands, an interpretation of the Chanel classic can still be found today – right down to the complete costume.

But even modern creations that are reminiscent of zippers on biker jackets or slightly more sporty designed, benefit from this tension between fabric and feminine cuts. And all can be perfectly combined: Sporty-elegant outfits with jeans unfold, for example, as impressive an effect as the interaction with a classically cut skirt. The casual oversize models and the elegant Gehröcke have their own charm. With the length up to the thigh, these are recommended Bouclé blazer especially for the transitional period. They can be perfectly combined with trousers as well as with skirts or dresses – without being too voluminous.