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BROWN BELT for women – The belt in brown as eye-catcher

BROWN BELT for women – The belt in brown as eye-catcher

In the past, belts only had the task of ensuring the perfect fit of a pair of trousers or a skirt, but today they have completely new functions: the belt in brown can easily be worn over a long top or a wide dress. belt in brown, oversize shirts give a new shape. The upper part is a figure belt by a waist belt. Jeggings, pants that are a mix of jeans and leggings, complement the trend look. Suitable as footwear for this outfit in the summer are especially ballerinas, which ideally have the same color as the belt. Tall women combine this look with a pair of thick tights and flat boots in the winter, and smaller women should opt for a higher shoe. The fashion accessory belt is also an eye-catcher for stronger women. As a rule of thumb when choosing the belt is: The stronger the figure, the wider the belt must be. Petite women should choose narrow women’s belts, which look beautifully feminine in contrast to their figure. For thin belts filigree decorations are an eye-catcher.

Belts in brown are combination wonders

The belt in brown can conjure up new looks again and again. The belt in brown loosens up noble outfits – so can be created from the elegant office dress in a short time a casual outfit. Especially the color dark brown fits to many shades. Simple belts harmonize with eye-catching garments. If, on the other hand, the top is kept rather simple, the belt may turn out to be wider or more colorful. Smooth leather, studded with rivets or embellished with intricate embroidery: Brown belts are available in a variety of materials and in very different styles. Braided belts made of fabric or suede are just as timeless trends as silver belt buckles or buckles made of stainless steel. The leather belt is the classic among the belts. Noble golden belt buckles look to dark leather. Combined it is best with coarse boots or a denim shirt, if you prefer the vintage style. For a fancy overall impression are belts in brown with embroidered motifs or imprints. If you like it more classic, you can combine the leather belt in brown to a black jacket or a classic suit. Whether as a decorative element on clothes or as a simple grip for the pants – with a high-quality belt in brown you pep up your outfit.