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Brown pumps – subtle and elegant

Brown pumps – subtle and elegant

Black women’s shoes are the undisputed classic and very popular because of their versatility. However, the black color is often very hard and the footwear often has a very formal look. Soft and very feminine, on the other hand, is the impression that brown pumps convey. Just as classic, they are ranked at the top of the popularity scale for women’s shoes every season, and no designer or well-known label dispenses with the attractive earth tones in the collection. As spangenpumps the shoes emphasize the feminine charisma and give a jeans a girlish female note. Also to emphasize a skirt brown pumps the femininity without being too provocative. They invite you to play with the opposites and add a balancing accent to a cheeky look. Especially in summer, brown pumps are a very good choice. They put the tanned skin perfectly in scene and harmonize beautifully with the current trend colors.

Brown pumps – natural look with an elegant touch

Brown pumps are very versatile. Made of fine patent leather, they are perfect for stylish outfits on special occasions. Delicate suede, on the other hand, complements outstandingly robust denim and creates a casual look. Wedge pumps extend the leg visually very, without acting too provocative. They are particularly versatile and complement slim trousers as well as airy summer dresses or elegant evening robes. Brown peep-toes complement the classic business outfit perfectly. The models with the small opening for the toe were in high demand in the 1940s and are currently experiencing a comeback in the fashion world. Especially on warm days, the not completely closed pumps are a real treat. They look just as good on a trouser suit as on an elegant costume. Also combined with blouse and pencil skirt, they look very well-groomed and professional, without softening the feminine aura. Even with a comparatively high heel, this particular shoe model looks very reputable. Of course, the perfect look includes the handbag and the belt in matching color design. Of course, for brown pumps high-quality leather is the typical material. The deep gloss of high-quality footwear exerts an irresistible appeal. Different types of leather in combination and small applications provide individuality and make the shoe even more versatile. But also made of fabric designed brown pumps are in demand. Crafted from fine silk, they skilfully complement intricate robes for the evening.