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Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts

Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts

Calvin Klein Underwear for women & men

Classic, sporty always topmodern presents itself since time immemorial Calvin Klein Underwear, The company has been known for generations for excellent material quality, high wearing comfort and innovative designs that set new standards in underwear.

at Calvin Klein It’s all about the beauty of finishing. The label knows how to do without unnecessary flourishes and instead focuses on purism. Despite this minimalist approach, each collection has its own signature style that perfectly embodies the contemporary American lifestyle. Used in the production Calvin Klein high-quality materials, which are characterized by a high skin friendliness and a long life. Subtle colors such as white and black dominate the collections of the trend label. But there are also a number of colored underwear that can convince in a single-color design.

High quality classic underwear by Calvin Klein

Characteristic of the underwear of the label is the wide waistband with the Calvin Klein logo. It is not only the hallmark of underwear, but also ensures an optimal fit, in which nothing can cut or slip. Calvin Klein Underwear is a reliable everyday companion for the discerning man who also values ​​quality in his underwear. Of course you can wear them under the reputable business suit as well as under a casual leisure outfit.

In addition to the underwear there are practical basic shirts that you can wear on cold days as an alternative to the classic undershirt under your shirt. there is the appropriate underwear for every outfit of the label. For example, you should wear bright underwear when wearing white clothing. As a result, she disappears invisibly under the outfit.