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Can you match brown shoes with black pants?

Can you match brown shoes with black pants?

A big no-no or a resounding hell Yes? For decades, men wore their hair in despair over if you get match brown shoes with black pants or not. Here you have the answer to the old style rule once and for all.

Mossy style rules -the simple and a bit ill-conceived answer if we can match brown shoes with black pants are no, especially if it comes to a black suit. Stilgurus of the old school would never allow brown-black colour combination, since in their eyes almost develops gag reflexes. But if we disregard the old old fossils for a while so the truth to you with a bit of flair can go the whole hog and violate most mossy style rules.

Match to perfection -a pair of dark brown shoes works namely galant into a pair of black jeans, especially if you complement the look with a dark brown belt. To always match the belt or the belt with your shoes is an ancient rule that are good to have on hand. It will make a huge difference to the final result and also contribute to your outfit looks well planned and thought out. Adds a stylish watch with a bracelet in the same brown tone, you can comb the style points in the higher level.

Avoid! -However, if you prepare for the century’s  where the dress code is a dark suit, you should avoid brown shoes. This is the style rules are still too heavily rooted and you do safer to follow them – if not now the goal is to become the party crazy, black sheep.