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Can you wear sneakers with suit?

Can you wear sneakers with suit?

HOW is it really with shoe policies to suit and can replace the classic Finnish goods against sneakers without being mocked and laughed at? We explain the concepts and guide you to the perfect costume-combination.

The old school style experts is not surprisingly pretty strict when it comes to what you can and cannot wear to various outfits. Not that this encourages sports something other than fancy shoes, for example, the suit. We say “f**k that” to this old outdated dress code.

Works for all …
It has happened a lot since sneakers alone was something for fitness classes the lessons, the sporty streetkidsen or hip clusters. Then it was unthinkable to wear sneakers to something other than träningsbrallorna or at most the jeans. Today, we love those wonderful sports shoes and have them on all occasions and to almost any outfit. What is, however, still divides people into two camps is whether one can and must have sneakers to suit.

… even costume!
By adding a pair of sneakers to the suit creates a relaxed, yet stylish look. Choose a nice, neutral and more dressy sneaker so they work perfectly to an informal cotton costume.Combined with a casual linen shirt or a fresh t-shirt, this becomes an unbeatable  that works on most occasions. Are you already a sneakers do you realize the importance of keeping spotless, clean and well groomed. More important, this becomes obvious if you plan to use them along with the costume. It is, however, a more formal event like a wedding, funeral or important company party, where the dark costume is a dress code, you do however still safest in choosing a few classic, fancy leather shoes