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Caps for men – Courage for the chic men’s hat

Caps for men – Courage for the chic men’s hat

Classic hat, cool cap, casual cap or sporty canopy – hats have always been indispensable in men’s fashion. Discover here our wide assortment of caps, cut and hats. Depending on the occasion, they complete every look. Click through the latest trends and our Sale page.

The Men’s Hut was an integral part of men’s fashion fifty years ago. Meanwhile he was replaced by knitted hats & baseball caps, charm and elegance of the Men’s Hats, however, are still unbroken. Example Cylinder: No one wore the men’s hat with such elegance and playfulness as Fred Astaire. The bowler in turn became popular thanks to Patrick Macnee, aka Jonathan Steed. He made the melon-shaped hat as well as the suits in black with equally black ties in the 60s in the TV series? With umbrella, charm and melon? known everywhere. As on so many things in menswear – be it men’s shoes or suits – England had also on the modern man’s hat, the cap & cap significant influence. Models such as the black cylinder, the trilby, the fedora or the melon are rarely worn – but are considered a cult in the fashion scene.

An up-to-date classic among the hats & caps is the flat flat cap made of tweed. This men’s hat is like any current men’s cap or cap sporty oriented. The flat cap is currently enjoying increasing popularity – even or especially in the urban bohemian. One of the sportiest hats ever is the baseball cap. The peaked cap has been established in society since the 1930s and stands for youthfulness and sportiness. The Panama hat is a classic that is associated like no other with the warm regions of the earth. Just as timeless as the Panama is the beret. The French representative of the men’s hat impresses with its simple form. The range of hats and hats that you can buy online is broad and is determined by well-known brands such as Tommy Hilfiger or Nike. Every season, designers fall back on the men’s hat and reinterpret it – a reason why a handsome men’s hat will never go out of style and celebrate one revival after another.