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Carhartt jacket – authentic, trendy and 100% American

Carhartt jacket – authentic, trendy and 100% American

The fashionable designs of the US brand Carhartt are absolute all-round talents. Comfortable, airy or fluffy-warm – through snowstorms, during rain or as a cool accessory on balmy summer evenings – the portfolio of the label offers the right one for every wind and weather condition Carhartt jacket,

Carhartt Jacket – Streetwear at its finest

As early as 1889, Hamilton Carhartt founded the eponymous label in Detroit. At the beginning, the company specializes exclusively in workwear of the highest quality standard. The unique Carhartt canvas overalls are quickly gaining in popularity as they are extremely comfortable and highly resistant. Nevertheless, it takes more than 100 years for the company to establish itself on the international market. In 1994, the motto “Work in Progress” was born, which makes it its mission to win over the European market. The ambitions of the label open up new possibilities at breakneck speed. When the first Carhartt models, which according to their tradition fit into the category of workwear, enter the European market, they are very well received. Surprisingly, however, they are mainly in demand outside of work. Soon, the brand can look to a growing fanbase in the fashion scene. Numerous subcultures appreciate the fashionable parts as well as supporters of street style and the authentic-sporty US fashion.

Today, the Carhartt brand is an indispensable part of the German market. As one of the leading streetstyle labels, it is popular with many street sports fans and subcultures. But even outside this sector, the trend-conscious young generation especially appreciates the authentic and high-quality Carhartt models. For all Carhartt designers, as ever, place the highest value on the quality and workmanship of their fashionable designs. Also the Carhartt jacket was born under this ethos. The signature American worker look characterizes the casual, multi-color Carhartt Parkas with fur that keeps the wearer warm through the winter, as well as the fashionable Carhartt blousons, which not only add a casual touch to any outfit, but also enhance it Wind and rain protect the Carhartt summer jackets in military look from 100% cotton. The unique Carhartt models create an authentic-trendy all-American style for men and women.