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Casual and cool in a bomber jacket

Casual and cool in a bomber jacket

They are timeless, uncomplicated and robust and are currently enjoying great popularity again. It is about Bomber jackets, originally used in the US Air Force, which are worn today for fashion reasons and represent a casual fashion statement.

When Bomber jacket Specifically, this refers to a specific model of a flight jacket named “MA-1”, which was made of nylon. End of the 1950s, the hip garment was offered for the first time in Europe, initially only in small numbers. They were quickly in great demand and so in the 1960s steadily increasing quantities were exported to other countries. Quickly obtained the jackets, which were often used by scooter riders, cult status among young men.

Modern variants are available for ladies as well as men in many colors and shapes. Flowers are still very much in demand and there are also dots or ornaments on the current bomber jackets. For a long time now, they are no longer made of nylon. There are cotton or linen models or a leather material mix. Various designers and brands offer a wide selection of cool jackets. There one bomber It is best for both him and her to combine them with tight-fitting trousers and sneakers. So you realize a typical urban outfit, as it is currently omnipresent in the metropolises of the world.