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Casual or elegant outfits with a crop top

Casual or elegant outfits with a crop top

Almost one could think that the 90s would be back, because the belly-free look is suddenly back in. However, he shows off his contemporary side. The modern interpretation is called Crop Top and refers to wide or tight tops that stop short above the belly.

Unlike the 90ies, they no longer show the navel. This is hidden under a stylish high waist waistband, so that only a narrow strip of skin is visible. Nevertheless, the look is seductive and has a sporty touch at the same time. Crop tops Available in all imaginable styles, colors and materials so you can wear them to any outfit. For example, romantic crochet tops are just the thing for the hip hippie style. They match patterned maxi skirts and colorful jewelery.

With transparent sections and cut-outs provided, act Crop tops elegant. To a black pencil skirt and high heels they look very classy and are also suitable as a chic evening outfit. If you’re more of a casual type, you can grab the casual crop tops from comfortable jersey. Classic stripes, mottled gray variants or subtle white models fit perfectly with trendy high-waist jeans or current dungarees. Now you only need a pair of sneakers and the trend look is complete.