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Black tie – the classic proves versatility

Black New Mens Solid Color Black Ties at Amazon Men's Clothing store

A black tie is much more versatile than commonly thought. It can not only be worn at funerals, but also fits many other happier occasions. The black tie has the advantage that it looks very discreet. It gives the other garments the priority: their reserve makes the combination of shirt, …

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The green tie is always a perfect choice

Hunter Green Silk Hunter Green Tie | Ties.com

Anyone who often wears suits and ties in business often faces the question of how to bring some variety into the serious outfit. Simple and unobtrusive, this goes with a pretty tie. The green tie is a good choice. As a silk tie she shimmers in shades of green discreetly …

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Narrow Ties

Wedding Floral Ties for Men Flower Dots Cotton Narrow Tie Skinny

If you’re looking for a stylish and youthful looking tie that’s great for trendy looks, try a hip, narrow necktie. They fit best to tight-fitting suits with slim, long lapels. Matching shirt collars, which are also narrow as possible and provided with not too far-lying tips. Otherwise, the tie can …

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Solid ties: varied and mysterious

Affordable Solid Color Neckties

They are still among the most popular and classic men’s accessories: the plain colors Ties, The monochrome offers a large scope for combination options. Whether you need a chic tie for a social event or just an everyday model for the office, there’s something for you in this huge assortment. …

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Ties with pattern: dotted or checkered

2019 19 Patterns 8CM Mens Tie 100% Silk Necktie Jacquard Floral Paisley  Mixed Neck Ties Accessories Men Business Wedding Party KT98+ From Value111,

Ties with pattern They are a great business accessory to give your outfit a splash of color: the Ties with pattern, Stripes, checks and dots are among the classic patterns and are always well received. In addition, there are extravagant models, which provide an eye-catcher with 3D prints or colorful …

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A fashionable silk tie for every occasion

100% SILK Solid Rose RED Neck Tie. Men's NeckTie. at Amazon Men's

Did you know that the men’s tie goes back to the Croatian riders? Louis IVX was so impressed by the piece of cloth the men wore around their collars that he took over the custom for his farm. The term “tie” is therefore derived from the word “Croat”. A silk …

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Royal Purple Silk Tie | Ties.com

With this accessory, you can give your serious look a very special touch. The purple Color looks very elegant and was also liked by the kings of the Middle Ages. At the same time has one purple Tie a mystical look and is just a great change from the typical …

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Altea ...

The fashion brand Altea is a traditional Italian company founded in 1892 by Giuseppe Sartori in Milano. At that time, the cloth merchant specialized in fine ties made of exquisite oriental fabrics. Over several generations, the Sartoris have successfully produced and sold luxury neckties made from brocade fabrics and silk …

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Renaissance Ascot Ties Men Fashion Cravat Ties

ASCOT Regionally rooted but always ready to think outside the box: Bei ASCOT find tradition and modernity, beautiful and useful things together. The founding of the tie factory by Karl Moese in the silk city of Krefeld in 1908 was the starting signal for the company and the young generation. …

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