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Corduroy Blazers

Corduroy Blazers

Corduroy jackets

Corduroy blazers are casual and sophisticated at the same time as they combine the classic elegance of the garment with the relaxed charm of the material, creating a successful mix of styles. They are a sporty alternative to the classic model and therefore fit almost any occasion.

A fine jacket made of fine cord can be worn well in the office. In combination with a smart suit trousers and a timeless shirt, the look automatically looks serious. Replace in your free time Corduroy jackets the transition jackets and can be combined with jeans or chinos. Warm colors are characteristic of the fabric – brown and red, for example, are popular. But there are also variants in rich green or elegant gray. In addition, the individual designs differ, for example, by the width of the lapels and the number of buttons.