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Corduroy Jackets

Corduroy Jackets

Earlier than righteous decry, now returns to the classic Cordjacke back to fashion. The material is characterized by the longitudinally woven rib structure and feels velvety.

Depending on the type of substance you have Cordjacken a finer or coarser structure. There is a distinction between three different types of fabric. For example, you can choose between models made of fine corduroy (also known as “baby cord”), wide or the antique cord, which gives them a hip vintage flair. Due to their high comfort and their velvety appearance, they are equally popular with ladies and gentlemen.

Variants of the corduroy jacket for him and her – well-dressed for every occasion

For ladies, they present themselves e.g. as an elegant blazer or in the casual cut of a denim jacket. For him and her there are mixed forms such as quilted models with corduroy collar, reminiscent of traditional British variants. There you were in wind and weather, for example worn for hunting, which is why they protect particularly well from cold and rain. Men can decide on occasion, from corduroy jackets to lined lambskin collar variants. Because the jackets are so versatile, they are suitable for casual leisure wear, as well as for upscale events. Wear a classy blazer or baby-coat jacket, for example. as part of a business outfit or for a theater visit. Out Cordjacken with wide ribs, on the other hand, fashion sneakers and jeans look just as casual for men and women.