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Denim meets leggings: Slim Jeggings in current designs

Denim meets leggings: Slim Jeggings in current designs

Slim jeggings combine the features of jeans and leggings. Very figure-hugging, they offer an alternative to the classic denim trousers and are as portable in everyday life as in casual form for leisure-friendly looks.

Their carrying method gives them their name: Slim jeggings offer the comfort of leggings and imitate the look of popular jeans with the appropriate materials and colors. A particularly high stretch makes the jeans leggings pleasantly stretchy and ensures their unmistakable fit. As current perennial, the models present themselves with button and zipper or elastic waistband for quick slipping. The bags are often only hinted at in the sheer and close-fitting trousers, so that the pleasant wearing comfort can not be disturbed by them.

The model in the historic Stone Blue has its firm place in the cloakrooms. The denim tone is reminiscent of the origins of jeans and looks particularly good casual print shirts. Dark blues or black make the leg visually slimmer and are also great for wearing on more elegant outfits or festive occasions. Slim jeggings Their figure-hugging fit makes them attractive in combination with airy tops like tunics, long-shirts or long blouses. For the slightly feminine look, the jeans leggings can be wonderfully combined with tops. For longer cut tops, narrow leather or braided belts accentuate the appearance of the waist. Zippers at the hem of the Jeggings create a decorative transition to fashionable footwear.