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Designs of fashion wrist watches for him & her

Designs of fashion wrist watches for him & her

Hardly any accessory is so timeless and at the same time determined by the zeitgeist like the wristwatch. Once an indispensable timepiece, it is today more of a piece of jewelry that is visibly worn by anyone on the wrist expression of personal style and as a fashionable accent can complement or change the outfit.

So different the tastes and fashion styles, so diverse the selection of watch models. A trendy wristwatch made of high-quality plastic can also complement and define the personal style like a vintage quartz watch or a massive sports watch. Noble chronographs stand for particularly exclusive taste. Stylistically ranked the range of wristwatches it decorates between minimalist to opulent.

As a fashion statement wrist watches equally popular with women and men. Basically, the respective designs differ in the size of the dial or case and bracelet. Ladies’ watches are usually smaller and narrower. Exceptions are the popular unisex variants, which are sporty, trendy or simply very simply designed for both. Apart from that, the size of the wristwatch depends on personal preferences and on current fashion trends. With small watches and narrow bracelets fashionable accents can be set as well as with oversize models that revive the 90s.

The wristwatch skillfully combine

Also, choosing the timepiece’s color and material on the wrist can reveal a lot about the wearer and affect your outfit. Anyone who knows the unwritten style rules with regard to wristwatches can break them skillfully. Stylish watch connoisseurs are aware that their jewel is a discreet accessory that is never worn over long sleeves. Classic models with subtle dial and leather strap give women and men stylish elegance. Rather sporty and casual seem metal bands, especially in combination with large cases and numerous functions. Wrist watches with metal straps are therefore more suitable for a smart casual or leisure look.

Show your character and break the rules with taste: Choose colorful, striking watch models for a discreet business outfit. With playful, creative models express your own personality regardless of the occasion.