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Diesel Belt: Modern look, classic design

Diesel Belt: Modern look, classic design

The successful history of the fashion label Diesel is closely linked to the story of the founder, who does not want to fit into the image of the typical fashion entrepreneur. Rosso still embodies the down-to-earthness that was given to him by his northern Italian rural background along the way. In contrast, his inappropriateness in the collections is reflected almost opposite, initially symbolized by the logo with the concise, profile-portrayed Cherokee with a mohawk as a sign of originality and freedom. Diesel belt In earlier collections, the logo is usually in an exposed position – as a belt buckle or embossing on the leather itself. The current models play with the logo of the new logo and give each one of them Diesel belt a character of its own. As a fashion accessory, the belt is indispensable for all lovers of casual wear – an expression of their own style and their own personality, true to the motto of the label: For Successful Living.

Diesel Belt: A brand, a logo, a claim.

Meanwhile, the fashion company employs more than 30 designers. Creative mind for many years is Wilbert Das, who provides with his team again and again for new impulses and cultivates the image of the brand at the same time and further developed. The conceptual requirement: quality instead of quantity. Correspondingly, the Diesel belts fit into the overall concept of the brand as accessories. The focus of the collection are men’s belts in classic shades such as brown and black. The look is determined by the processing of genuine leather, from the fine noble grain to the vintage style. Details such as dome or buckle clasp as well as brand logo applications complete the picture. A variety of combination options arise for the daily outfit with classic Diesel jeans, jackets and shoes. Diesel has recently opened up new markets and new customers in the luxury segment with the Black Gold collection.